RagnarStats Mod


RagnarStats is a mod for keeping track of who has got most frags on your server. It will display a list of names of the 10 players with the most frags at the start of every map.

There are two mutators, RagnarStats and RagnarStatsDisplay. Only RagnarStatsDisplay needs to be downloaded by players. The other one should be on the server only.

Read the ReadMe.txt file for more info.

Works with versions: 1.00/1.01/1.02/1.07
Does not work with: 1.04/1.10 (Classic)
Not tested with: 1.08 (should work)


Rune 1.00-1.02

Rune 1.07-1.08



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  1. hello. about source thank you. i have one problem, i can’t recompile RagnarStats without RuneDBv200 .uc

    • You don’t need the .uc file, you have the .u file, that’s all you need. You just have to add it to EditPackages before your own thing, like this:


      That way when you are building your new thing, the RuneDBv200 will get loaded too from the .u file and there will be no errors.

  2. hello runegameviking . i’m trying to avoid mismatches as stated in yr comments . doing so requires me to rename both files . i get a error and at one point ucc would crash .

    Can’t find files matching ..\RuneDBv200\Classes\*.uc

    History: UMakeCommandlet::Main

    Exiting due to error

  3. the above errors out with just source .i now have files loaded and compiled .

    Error: C:\Rune\RagnarStats\Classes\RagnarStats.uc(20) : Error, Unrecognized type ‘RagnarStatsDisplay’

  4. compiled with error .

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