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RagnarStats Mod


RagnarStats is a mod for keeping track of who has got most frags on your server. It will display a list of names of the 10 players with the most frags at the start of every map.

There are two mutators, RagnarStats and RagnarStatsDisplay. Only RagnarStatsDisplay needs to be downloaded by players. The other one should be on the server only.

Read the ReadMe.txt file for more info.

Works with versions: 1.00/1.01/1.02/1.07
Does not work with: 1.04/1.10 (Classic)
Not tested with: 1.08 (should work)


Rune 1.00-1.02

Rune 1.07-1.08



Disable Chat Messages

Sometimes you might want to play Rune and not be distracted by chat messages. Here is how to disable chat and all other messages at the top of the screen.

1. Remove Message Beep

Disable the sound that is played everytime there is a new chat message by starting the game and going to Options->Audio and un-click “Message Beep”.

2. Download and install a hex editor

You will need to download a hex editor from somewhere for the next step. I would recommend Frhed which is free and open source, can be downloaded from here:

3. Modify RuneI.u

Start Frhed and open the file RuneI.u which is located in the Rune system folder. Press CTRL + G or from the top menu choose “Edit->GoTo…” to open the GoTo window.

When the GoTo window is open enter one of the following into the box:

For Rune 1.00:


For Rune 1.01:


For Rune 1.07:


Then click Ok.

Now the cursor should have moved to the number “96”, change the number to “97” and save the file from the top menu.

That is all. Now when you start Rune and anyone write a chat message on any server it will not show up, and you will not hear it either. You can of course still see all the messages if you open the Rune Console.