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Installing Rune Linux Demo (Ubuntu 10.04)

Here is how to install the Rune Linux Demo on Ubuntu 10.04:

1. Download the demo installer

2. Extract the files

cd /home/username/Downloads

export _POSIX2_VERSION=199209

./ --keep

You will get some error after that last command, but the installation files should still have been extracted to the folder “rune_demo”.

3. Install the game

cd rune_demo

cp bin/Linux/x86/loki_patch loki_patch

sudo mkdir /usr/local/games/demos

sudo ./loki_patch patch.dat /usr/local/games

At this point you will get another error but the game will be installed.

4. Play the game

cd /usr/local/games/demos/rune_demo


5. Run a decicated Rune 1.02 Linux Demo server

cd /usr/local/games/demos/rune_demo/System

./ucc server DM-DEMOHel