Classic Server Query (1.0X Server Fix)

For some reason you can’t join Rune 1.00, 1.02 or 1.04 servers with Rune Classic even if you can join 1.01. That is a little weird because all those versions are network compatible.

Anyway, if you want Rune Classic players to be able to join your 1.00, 1.02 or 1.04 server you can install this fix.


Put the file “ClassicServerQuery.u” in your Rune system folder.
Open Rune.ini and change:



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  1. hello. i have a question. i used to run a server “1.03” that resemble the same fixes as 1.08. it’s based of 1.01 patch. only problem is linux and russian players can’t join, i may be wrong but when they join the server they are stuck on connecting. this was confirmed on a friend of mines.

    this patch in mind was gonna be an official but redirected downloads was drop back in 2008. WHYLABS! had other goals.

    i have files if you can look into it.

    • I don’t know why they can’t connect. Have you checked both log files? The servers log and the log of the player who is trying to connect? Usually you can see some error message there.

      Linux is of course version 1.07 and you wouldn’t be able to join any 1.01 server with that version.

      I don’t have much time for these things right now but if you give me a link to the files maybe I will look at it later when I have time.

  2. here is the files . i’ll keep in mind about what you said and check logs .

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