Server Demo Recorder

Usually you record demos in Rune by typing the command “demorec” as a player, but it is also possible to record demos directly on a server.

The problem with a demo recorded by a player is that you will not see all players, and sounds will go away or be weird. This will not happen when you record the demo on the server, a server recorded demo will play back everything exactly as it happened.

I made this simple ServerActor which will automatically start recording a demo when there is someone playing on the server, and stop the demo when the server is empty. It does not need to be downloaded by players so don’t add it to ServerPackages, only to ServerActors!


Put ServerDemoRecorder.u in System folder, then add to Rune.ini:


under all other ServerActors=.


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  1. love the work you’ve done . i’ve used this before and it works as advertise . the only problem is knowing which player yr watching . keep coding and nice work again .

  2. Thanks, I also made a little mod to control where the camera is located when you play the demos. With it you can make the camera move along paths you have laid out in the map earlier.It can also display information about players and the server the demo was recorded on. But this mod is not done yet so I can’t share it.

  3. hey runegameviking. can you do stats. example –

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