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Classic Server Query (1.0X Server Fix)

For some reason you can’t join Rune 1.00, 1.02 or 1.04 servers with Rune Classic even if you can join 1.01. That is a little weird because all those versions are network compatible.

Anyway, if you want Rune Classic players to be able to join your 1.00, 1.02 or 1.04 server you can install this fix.


Put the file “ClassicServerQuery.u” in your Rune system folder.
Open Rune.ini and change:



Rune Demo Version

The demo version of Rune can be downloaded from here:

  • Rune Demo Windows
    Rune Demo Mac
    Rune Demo Linux
  • There are a few limitations in the demo, you can only play like 2 singleplayer maps and 2 multiplayer maps. And you can’t play custom maps either, if you try you will get an error.

    But you can load mutators, and you can use ServerActors.

    If I remember correctly, all demo versions are made from Rune 1.02. But because the demo version of Rune is not network compatible with the full version, you can only join other DEMO servers in Multiplayer mode, and sadly there are usually no demo servers up.

    You should really get the full version to get the most out of the game!