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Translating Rune

Have you ever wanted to play Rune in your own language? Well you can, if you are willing to do a little work first.

Rune use the same system as most other Unreal 1 engine games for loading text into the game. Text are stored in normal text files which have an extension based on the language (locale) you are using.

To translate the game, all you need to do is take all the English .int files and translate them, save the files with the correct extension, and then change the language variable in Rune.ini to that of your new language.

1. Extract English text

You already have some of the .int files in the system folder, but not all. To get the English text from the maps you need to use RuneEd to extract them.

Start RuneEd and open the log window (Top Menu->Window->Log), once it is open you can use the command “dumpint” to extract text from the maps. Write the command in the log window like this:


That will place a text file in the system folder with all the text from that particular map.

Do this for all maps to get all the English text.

2. Translate

After you have all the English int files you can start translating them. The int files will look something like this:

SwitchLevelMessage=Switching Levels
LeftMessage=" left the game."

Of course you should only translate the things after the “=”. Not the first part, and not the thing between [ and ] either.

When you are done you should save the text files with the correct file extension for you language, a two-letter code followed by a “t”. You can look at this list for the two-letter code for your language:

So if I made a translation for Japanese, the two-letter code is “jp”, and if I add a “t” the extension for the japanese translation will be “.jpt”. RuneI.jpt, RMenu.jpt, ragnarvillage.jpt and so on.

Polish = pl + t -> .plt
German = de + t -> .det
French = fr + t -> .frt

3. Change the language

To change which language Rune use you open Rune.ini and look for the following line:


Change it from “int” to your new language code and you are all set. Now the game should load your own texts instead of the old ones.

4. Record new audio (?)

That was all for the translation of the text. Of course it is also possible to make translations of the audio. I have not tried this myself but the audio files that need to translated are these:


You might have to extract the original .wav files to get an idea of what the sounds should sound like. Then just read the text you have created and record. When you are done recording just import the audio with RuneEd and name the files with language code in the extension:


Yeah, so that is it. You might think it is too much work to translate all of Rune but there really is not much text in the maps, and most of the other int files in the system folder don’t have much text either. I will try to get all the English int files and upload them somewhere and the place a link here later so they don’t need to be extracted.

Edit: Download all English int files HERE.

Note: Rune is already fully translated into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. You can get any of these languages when you buy the steam version of Rune.